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February Monthly Tip

Front Door Refinishing

Are you thinking of selling your home and wondering what you need to do to get it “ready to sell”?  The first place to start is your front porch.  Think about it; the potential buyers are standing there while the realtor is unlocking the lock box to get the key to let them in.   What are they doing? They are staring at your front door.  First impressions matter!  Make sure your front door says the owner takes care of his home.  You are going to be competing with new homes.  Buyers make lists of what they will need to do once they buy.  Don’t let them start the list before they even enter the home.  This isn’t an expensive fix, and it is one that pays off when selling.  Call Julien with Sturdy Doors Refinishing, and mention promo code KATHIE for a discount.

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