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August Monthly Tip

Controlling Those Pests

As we move through hurricane season, we can have bouts of rain that can drive ants, roaches, silverfish and other common pests into the home. These pests can be annoying and frustrating to deal with. Here are five easy steps to help prevent bugs from becoming a problem:
  1. Keep your eyes open – be on the lookout for conditions that encourage bugs.  These conditions can be wood storage, crumbs on the counter/floor, wet areas, and overgrown grass/shrubs.
  2. Keep the outside outside – make sure doors and windows are closed.  If you want to open them for fresh air, make sure the screens are in good condition without holes.
  3. Cleanliness is essential – keep your home clean.  Wipe down counters and sweep/vacuum the kitchen to get up crumbs. Cockroaches love paper and hate the light. Make sure there are not stacks of paper in dark areas (closets, under desks, etc).
  4. Do not provide a smorgasbord – seal up food, especially food in pantries or on the counters.  A great idea is to use Tupperware containers to help prevent bugs from getting in. Don’t forget to clean the pet bowl!
  5. Keep things dry – all bugs require water.  Reduce standing water.  Check for leaky faucet and repair as quickly as possible.
Additionally, homeowners can use a pest control service.  Call Jeremy with Mosquito Hunters to discuss how to create an invisible barrier to keep bugs outside.  Text ITCH to 72727 for more information.
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